i am a designer/painter/
kinda writer and creative art
director with a backgroung
in art history.




We promote attempts at “presence”. Presence being something like a conscious merger with observation — with the hope of no observation at all. It is our experience that a drone, a hum or an extended tone, helps to ready the head for observing.



a —woman—with —big — balls

There’s something my grandpa told me when I was 8 and scared to roll down the stairs on a mattress with my two savage brothers. Come on Marita, don’t ever forget: You are a woman with big eggs, don’t let anything scare you.
So, guess what? I broke my elbow right after that event.
So this is who I’m a curious, intuitive and wild woman with big eggs, nothing else, rather than that I’m obsessed with street random stories and exploring the human soul.

And why creativity, design, and art? Because if I could choose something to do till I die, it would be a profession that doesn’t have a schedule, one that lets me be a communicator, to appropriate the change we are living to give a positive message with entertainment and esthetic.
I would choose a complicated role, where my ideas and how I count them have a value, as a troublemaker I would definitely choose the most fascinating work in the world because to achieve it means to observe everything around me all the time and getting involved in every problem to understand it.
I would choose a profession where men are almost always right, just to show how a 25-year-old creative female can not only think and work the same as them but even more emphatically still.

So yes, I choose a profession that reminds me every day why I am a woman with big eggs.


  • U . P . B – Cochabamba/Bolivia
(2011 – 2015)
Bachelor in graphic design 
Graduated with distinction

  • MARCO – Monterrey/Mexico
(2015 -2016)
Diploma in art history 

  • Miami Ad School  Buenos Aires/ Argentina
(2017- 2019)
Art direction portfolio program

  • Relacional  Buenos Aires/ Argentina
Applied art direction program


  • Helen Lansdowne Resor Scholarship winner for Latinamerica (2018)
  • Ojo de iberoamerica  (2017) – Bronce
  • Ojo de iberoamerica  (2018) – Second finalist
  • Ojo de iberoamerica  (2018) – Finalist
  • D&AD (2018) – Wood pencil 


  • W.O.W –  Design studio (2014-2016)
Ilustrator / Designer

  • Merci – Agency (2017-2018)
Buenos Aires/ Argentina
Creative/ Art director

  • TBWA – Agency (2018-2019)
Buenos Aires/ Argentina
Creative/ Art director

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