Blind Stories ®

If you ever believed that blind see black all the time, you are wrong and this
is an experiment that demonstrates how they perceive sensations through interviews of visual representations made digital paintings.

1. Love.

“Love is two different colors
and mixed they create a new one
that never works alone”.

Javier, 61 years old
Became blind at 33

2. Orgasm.

“An orgasm feels like putting
all the colors together and
throw a brushstroke with force”.

Rodrigo, 33 years old
Became blind at 22

3. Music.

“Music for me it's a heart beating,
the liquid around me,
the steps and the voice with echo,
it's my mother's womb”.

Octavio, 39 years old
Born blind

4. Happiness.

“Happiness is what borns depthly in the heart
and expands through our senses to feel it in the air”.

Maria Eugenia, 46 years old
Became blind at 12

3. Jealousy.

“Jealousy is a fist fight
between the fear of losing
something you love and
losing it in that fight”.

Carolina, 28 years old
Became blind at 19

6. Fear.

“Fear is a supernatural force
that changes the logic of everything”.

Valerio, 79 years old
Became blind at 62

7. Relief.

“To feel relief is to feel
cold water when it is hot,
something that flows with magic”.

Juan, 19 years old
Became blind at 2

8. Anger.

“Anger it's the place
where our demons meet
and create a new one”.

Natalia, 30 years old
Born blind

9. Guilt.

“Guilt feels a ball right between
your mouth and your heart that
doesn't let you sleep peacefully”.

Domingo, 54 years old
Born blind

10. Sadness.

“Sadness is a water well
where you throw a stone
that never reaches the floor”.

Judith, 63 years old
Became blind at 49

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